AUTENTICO COLOR HAS STYLE AND STRENGTH Autentico Versante was developed to be versatile. The built-in moisture membrane and UV filter make it waterproof and prevent the colors from fading. Versante Matt is suitable for all areas including kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and high-traffic hallways. It also withstands the requirements for exterior walls, furniture and fences - so it can also be used outdoors. Versante is: - "self-locking" - washable - has an SD value of only 0.21 - Water-based - gloss value 5% (matt) - carries UV filters and moisture membrane for outdoor use. Covers 10-13 m² per 1 l (depending on the surface profile Ideal for walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, woodwork, and primed metals such as radiators, fireplace surrounds, and plumbing For long-lasting results, we recommend a layer of stainblocking primer before painting with Versante (this information has been taken over from the manufacturer, who takes responsibility for it)

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