IOD Paintable Decor Transfers
What you need to know

IOD Paintable Décor Transfers are similar to original IOD Décor Transfers, but in a
material and design that is ideally suited for coloring in. They are so. Much. Fun. And,
their versatility makes it possible for you to make your project completely unique.
Want to go with neutrals? Want to explode with color? Have it your way!
As always, apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to a clean, matte, dry base. Many
people use chalk and mineral type paints on these projects, and they work great.
Optionally, when using chalk or mineral type paint, we like to enhance the bonding
between transfer and paint with a light coat of universal sealer or something that
functions similarly, and allow it to dry thoroughly before transfer application (always
take appropriate safety precautions and follow manufacturer’s instructions). When it
comes to a good bond, there are a lot of different product related variables.
Prior to application, protect your Transfer from dust or debris by keeping it with it’s
protective backing sheet until applied. Dust will interfere with adhesion. Since we use
a special non stick backing to avoid transfer damage from excessive cling, you will
need to take care that you keep them together until you apply it.
Apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to your surface by rubbing with the included tool
until it is completely transferred. When you lift the clear sheet to check, if there are
any bits left on the sheet, just gently lay it back down and rub those spots to transfer
Once your image is completely transferred, make sure it is all securely down and
burnish with a clean dry cloth so all edges are snuggly adhered.

OPTIONAL: At this stage, you can distress with a medium or fine sanding block if
you choose