For anyone who hasn’t used the IOD Décor Stamps, they are essentially what they
sound like. A stamp. Similar to a stamp that you might’ve used as a child- but
magical. The IOD Décor Stamps have the power to transform an item that you found
on the side of the road to an item that you will have to convince your husband you
didn’t spend your entire monthly budget on. Yeah, that good.
But wait- there’s more.
The IOD décor stamps aren’t just for furniture and home décor, you can use them to
transform your food art as well! The stamps are made from a food safe material (do
not use the same sets for food and paint). But be warned- they are not for high
heat applications. Do NOT put in dishwasher, they will melt at extreme heats. And
then you will be extremely heated too.


Before removing from backing, condition your stamps with very fine sandpaper, scuff
the surface in two directions. This helps the mediums stay put, and not bead (which
some types, like ceramics glazes, tend to do).
Remove stamps from backing when ready to use. This takes some force, but don’t
worry, the stamps are strong.


Large mounting block
This is recommended for surfaces that are perfectly flat, for
example, if you are doing fabric on a perfectly flat work surface.

Freestyle stamping
This is what we call it when you use a flexible piece of plastic,
such as the clear sheet that came with the stamps, as a mounting device. Simply
position the stamp on the sheet and proceed. This is great for irregular surfaces such
as walls or furniture (surprisingly, many furniture surfaces that appear flat have dipsthis
method will conform nicely).

No mount

This is when you would use the stamp without mounting to anything,
because you want it to really conform to a curved surface, or even stretch. For
example, I stamped the front of my cowboy boots, and was able to stretch the stamp
and conform it cleanly to the surface even though the boot is very curved. When
using the bare stamp make sure that your fingers don’t stick to it, this could cause the
stamp to lift from the surface and create a smudge. Nobody likes an unintentional

Whichever mounting method you use, the stamp backs must be perfectly clean, as
well as the mount, in order for the stamp to cling firmly to the mount.