*it is also existing in english - have a look throw our B2B Shop Here you will find the German-language magazines of the Danish company Jeanne d'Arc Living calendar 2024: Edition 1 - 4. January Edition 2 - 15 February Edition 3 - 4. April Edition 4 - 16 May Edition 5 - 4. July Edition 6 - August 15th Edition 7 - 3. October Edition 8 - 14. November Christmas Special - 3. October Today I'm going to tell you a little fairy tale that's true... Once upon a time, there was a woman named Vivian who lived in a cozy little country town. She was an ordinary housewife who found joy in the simple pleasures of life, like baking and cooking for her family, arranging beautiful bouquets of flowers and transforming her home into an oasis of warmth and coziness. Her creativity was great because money was tight, but the joy of finding good things at second-hand markets and transforming them to fit into her home was boundless. A deep love for Nordic country style with a touch of French lay dormant in her heart, and this passion was to lead her on an extraordinary journey. One sunny morning 20 years ago, when Vivian visited her friend for a coffee, an idea came to her. "Why not write articles about all the things we love, like interior design, creativity, recycling, cooking and flowers?" With newfound determination, they set out to make their dream a reality. Gathering all their knowledge, they began writing articles for magazines, authoring books and even commissioning homewares that matched the style. Fifteen years ago, they founded this magazine in which they wrote articles about rustic, French-inspired interior design, shared creative ideas and wonderful recipes, and gave tips on how to decorate in this style. It wasn't always easy in the early years. Vivian juggled housework, raising her children and contributing to the magazine, all while taking care of the rest of the business. Late nights turned into early mornings, but her tireless efforts kept her going. She often thought of giving up, but the support of her readers and the sense of fulfillment she got from her work kept her going. She built up a loyal readership who shared her passion for romantic and rustic charm with a touch of French finesse. Her magazine became a source of inspiration for countless creative people around the world. This is a true fairytale... ********************

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