ECOLOGICAL WASHABLE PAINT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE DESCRIPTION: The aim of contributing to increased environmental sustainability and therefore safer and more conscious use is the basis for this new ecological paint. Water-based paints have significantly reduced emissions in the atmosphere. ANTIQUE PAINT is a washable, water-based matt paint used to protect and decorate walls and ceilings indoors and outdoors. But we also use it for our DIY projects PROPERTIES: ANTIQUE PAINT is a future-oriented paint that protects the environment and the user. It is breathable due to its special formula, free of glycols and hazardous substances. It is a paint with a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). and gives surfaces a pleasant, matt appearance and offers good resistance to dirt and an intense degree of whiteness. It has excellent hiding power. The product contains ingredients of the highest quality. With this colour, we would like to appeal to brocante / vintage and shabby chic lovers. For the time being, the containers will not be available in larger sizes. The aim is to promote the small art, the art of handmade gifts and the like.

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