MAGIC PAINT is the colour for the typical vintage / shabby chic look. With the numerous accessories, you can fall back into being a "child" with this colour series and breathe new life into your home and thus your own charm through furniture and small decoration projects. Discover the slightly different world of colour. WHY CHOOSE MAGIC PAINT FOR YOUR RENOVATION PROJECT? - It requires no primer, no undercoat and no sanding;- The paint is odourless, so it can be used indoors;- It adheres to any surface; - It is easy to apply; - It has a matte and opaque finish from the first coat; -It is perfect to create the style you love most (Shabby Chic, Provencal, Nordic, Industrial, Modern, Chippy); - It is a natural product with a low emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds). - It is a 100% Made in Italy product


Beautiful image transfer print to use with our paisley style...