Decoupage Queen - a small company from the USA with various creative minds from all over the world. Here artists and craftsmen get their money's worth at the same time to find the right design for their projects. Decoupage Queen is characterized by the highest quality and most beautiful paper for your creative projects. Rice paper is better than regular napkins. Decoupage with this paper is much easier. This paper can be glued to any surface with decoupage glue. Throughout its structure it has characteristic natural white fibers of irregular thickness. This gives the objects an original decoration. Our high quality printing guarantees sharp and bright colors, they won't break off or fade when using the glue. The colors of the images appear most vivid when applied over white or light colors. The rice paper should preferably be torn rather than cut. This way the edge of the paper will not be visible at the end of the decoupage decoration, from A4 to A0 every single design is available. Likewise, the rice paper for handicrafts and smaller pieces of furniture. Delivery times: can vary between 2-3 weeks, please consider this when placing your order * Dealer inquiries can be made directly to us at