Decoupage papers have been specially developed for furniture art and renovation. We have found that the way we perceive and want to change our environment has changed completely. People have found the time to look at the transformation of their own four walls. For this reason we would now like to include the A1 and A3 formats in our product series in an old, historical, artistic existence. Please note that these pictures and this special paper have been paired very carefully with regard to the absolute artistic value and are absolutely no comparison to the transfers, which we also have in our programme. This is a targeted group of people who do not want to have anything ordinary, but want to decorate their lives with art and old existence. The purpose is to create a piece that looks as authentic as possible. You should look like an actual work of art on your piece - and your piece will then become a work of art. Depending on your method of application you can therefore expect a different result. In a direct decoupage application your paper will be slightly creased (although flat), which can help your piece look authentic. While ironing on the decoupage method results in your paper on your piece being very flat and clean. Every single piece is delivered with detailed instructions.

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