NEW IN THE PROGRAMM - already on the Market before 2023 LABLANCHE PAINT TRANSFERS Apply a generous and even coat of Pentart's Soft Touch Varnish to a suitably prepared surface. Place the Paint Transfer sheet on the surface of your object with the design facing downwards. It is best to use your hands to press the transfer sheet onto your object without wrinkles. Work with even, light pressure to ensure that the design makes good contact with the surface painted with Soft Touch Varnish. Avoid excessive moving or pulling of the sheet as this may cause blurring or smudging. Leave the Paint Transfer to work for at least 30 minutes, after which the drying process can be accelerated with a hair dryer. When you are ready to remove the Paint Transfer sheets from your surface, spray them evenly with water and allow them to soak for 30 seconds to allow the backing material to come off. Start at one corner and gently peel off the paper. It should peel off easily without tearing. The Paint Transfer sheets can be used at least 2 times. Allow your project to dry completely. To seal the surface it is best to use varnish. We recommend a 1:1 mixture with Soft Touch Varnish and water as a first coat. Spray the lacquer on and repeat the process. Do not use a brush! After drying, you can continue with gloss lacquer or wax as usual.

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