About us

"In 2004, the idea came up to turn a hobby into a profession. Thus, we decided to show our passion to other people, how they can incorporate their old treasures with little effort into their modern life. This developed so successfully that we later offered courses even in community colleges. At a time when social networks were not as well off as they are today.

The move to Denmark in May 2018, combined with the acquisition of IOD and SALTWASH as a distribution for various European countries, made a dream come true.

There are people who realize later that you have a vocation. It is ours to help people who transform their own ideas into DIY projects, to offer an extension of the design possibilities with high-quality products.

Shabby and Vintage has evolved over the last 10 years to what you can see and experience in thousands of groups across different social networks / platforms today.
There is thousands of trends and products, a part of them you should find with us. We look forward to many creative and happy people who want to accompany us on this journey.